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High quality and personalized approach.

Production of aluminum and PVC profile systems, accessories, additional processing, consulting services.



The factories of Viva Aluminium in Bulgaria, Shumen, are equipped with brand new presses, ready to meet the needs of the customer for extrusion according to a customized drawing.
Each press has a vertical powder coating line and a packaging line.
The first press is 7 inches and the second newest press is 10 inches.


Fully automated facility for anodizing, electrolytic colouring and brightening process. The line is represented by 42 baths, four baths for anodizing with a capacity of 60,000 A, a brightening process with a capacity of 15,000 A, two baths for electrolytic colouring with a capacity of 10,000 A each, a bath for colouring with organic or inorganic pigments, a bath for hot and a bath for cold sealing.


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68A Rishki Prohod Blvd., 9700 Shumen, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 54 830 836, Tel./Fax: +359 54 830 837